Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are You Ready to Order?

I was in line at a fast food restaurant recently, waiting my turn to place an order. There were two lines at two registers. The lady in front of me stepped up to order at the same time her friend (another lady) stepped up to order at the next register.

The two ladies looked at each other before they ordered and both said the same thing to one another: "No super-size."

That was my first experience with fast food accountability partners. But what a great idea! Two women who recognized that super-sized meals lead to super-sized clothing, and held each other accountable to refrain from super-sizing.

Super-sized meals and super-sized clothes may not be in our best interest, but there is one thing we all need super-sized in our lives: We need a super-sized faith in our super-sized God.

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable" (Psalm 145:3). David wrote this out of a heart filled with super-sized faith.

Several years ago, while preaching to my church family, a statement flew out of my mouth without ever being born in my mind. In other words, it was as if God used my mouth to say it without giving it to my brain first. It has become a statement of our faith within our fellowship: GOD IS BIGGER THAN WE FIGURE.

A young man who grew up in our fellowship lost his brother in a tragic accident. It was a deep loss for our church, our community, and his family. Out of this young man's grief, he wrote these words:
"Just when you think you have grabbed ahold of who God is, you realize you are just holding a leaf that God has allowed to fall into your hands...and then you look at the Giant Redwood that is our God, and just stand in awe."

God is bigger than you figure. I just need to tell you that and remind me of that today. God is bigger than your biggest problem, enemy, bully, sin, temptation, doubt, fear, decision, ulcer, debt, disease, headache, heartache...and your biggest __________. Whatever it is, God is bigger.

You have a super-sized God. But you must connect with Him through a super-sized faith. You must believe. And because you believe, you must remain rooted in the soil of His presence.

May I take your order?
Perry Crisp

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