Monday, September 15, 2008

Special Delivery

We knew Ike was coming. We planned ahead and watched Ike make his way straight toward us. We tied everything down. We prepared for the loss of electricity. We braced ourselves for the 80-100 mph wind gusts. We sat back and watched the radar. We could see it...three hours away...two hours away...

Our pets had no idea. They didn't know Ike was coming. And when Ike hit with all his gustav, their eyes were wide open and their bodies were shaking. Each one made his or her own cry of alarm in his or her own animal tongue.

Preparations were made for their safety before the hurricane arrived: plenty of food, water, and shelter. But they were without our knowledge of what was coming. Any attempt to communicate it to them would have been futile and straight-jacket worthy.

Limbs crashed all around Lady, our horse. Pot plants, yard tools, and patio furniture on the porch were tossed around like leaves where our little dog, Jake, was hiding. Poor Talley (our rabbit) watched his/her (?) roof lift off and fly into the woods. When I stuck my head out the door to check on them, each of these animals looked at me as if to say, "Helpppppp! Rescue me from whatever this is!"

Jake received an open door into the house. He was scared, but grateful. Lady took refuge in her stall. I picked up Talley's cage and brought her/him (?) to the front porch out of the rain.

Storms hit us whether we know they are coming or not. Including the storms of life. News of a loved one who has died. The phone call that you never want to hear, informing you that your child has been in an accident. Test results that come back from the lab with unexpected results.

Storms of life come without radar or seven-day forecasts. They hit us and we shiver with wide-eyed amazement. But we have a promise of rescue. "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me" (Psalm 50:15).

We have two parts. God has one. We call on Him. We glorify Him. He delivers. His hand slips under us and picks us up or hovers over us in protection.

If you are in trouble, expect a delivery. Then give God the glory when the mailman of heaven arrives with your package of provision or protection.

Glory to God,
Perry Crisp


Robby Holcomb said...

Good post Perry. Ya know, it seems the storms hit us hardest where we are most vulnerable, the point which we are least prepared. But God knows all those places and His hand reaches to them too. God sure is good.


Perry Crisp said...

Yes, Robby. When we think we are prepared, we often find out otherwise. But God is never surprised. He has never said, "I sure didn't see THAT coming."
I noticed we both wrote about Ike at the same time. Enjoyed it.