Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Look Good

*Disclaimer: Though this devotional delves into the imagery of fashion and wardrobe, the author in no way typed any of this with a limp wrist and never once smacked his lips.

Imagine a closet in your heart that says, "Emotions and Attitudes" on the door. When you open the door you find a walk-in closet with clothes hanging on two racks; one on the left and one on the right.

Immediately you notice a disparity. The rack on the left has an abundant supply of clothes. The rack on the right has half a dozen. A closer examination of the clothes reveal that each article of clothing has a label. The labels are not names of famous designers, but adjectives that describe different emotions and attitudes.

A quick peek at each of the six labels on the right rack gives you a variety of positive emotions: happy, ecstatic, perky, confident, content, witty. It looks like a spring wardrobe with bright colors and comfortable fabrics.

The rack on the left has an enormous selection, but is quite drab in appearance. Dark tones. Lots of wool and tweed. It's too depressing to read all the labels, but you manage to glimpse a few:
tired, angry, hurt, lonely, jealous, frustrated, depressed, bored, somber, stressed, etc.

Though this is the first time you've actually been in this imaginary closet, you realize that the clothes on the left are nearly worn out from use and the clothes on the right have rarely been off the hanger. You've been going too often to the wrong side of your emotional closet.

When was the last time you robed your attitude in positive attire? How long has it been since you added to your wardrobe on the right side of the closet? Bargains are to be found if you learn to shop smart.

The greatest bargains for dressing up your positive wardrobe are found in one place -- Christ Jesus! If you will allow the Holy Spirit to dress you each day, He will add to your positive wardrobe section. He will suit you up in satisfaction. He will offer you festive footwear and brighter britches. He'll even wrap the coat of contentment around your shoulders and give you a hug.

But be prepared. The Spirit of Christ will not only add to the right side of your closet, He will do away with your overstocked left side. But, that's okay. The more you have to select from on the right side, the less you need on the left.

You can come out of the closet now. (No, not "Ellen's" closet.) Come on out of the closet of "Emotions and Attitudes" and realize that everyone around you is your emotional wardrobe inspector. Others may not notice your actual wardrobe, but I guarantee they will notice your emotional one.

My prayer is that someone will see your attitude today and ask, "Where did you get that? It is simply divine!" And you can reply,
" is actually."

Lookin' Good,
Perry Crisp

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was great. It was just what I needed to read. Thanks.