Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A $50 Bill Slipped into My Pocket is a -----

You've probably heard about the construction foreman who wanted a large pile of sand moved, and left the job in the hands of three workers: an Italian, a Scotsman, and a Chinese guy.

Okay, so you're going to hear it again. The foreman left the Italian man in charge of sweeping, the Scotsman in charge of shoveling, and the Chinese fellow in charge of supplies.

The foreman came back to check on their progress and found that they hadn't done a thing. The pile of sand was exactly the same and the Italian and Scotsman were just standing there. The foreman asked why they hadn't moved the sand pile. They said they were waiting for the Chinese guy to return with the supplies. They couldn't do their jobs without a broom and a shovel.

The foreman was so angry, he stormed over to the sand pile to kick sand everywhere --- when suddenly, the Chinese guy jumped out from behind the sand pile and shouted, "SUPPLIES!"

Though the Bible tells us we were created in the image of God, there are still obvious differences between us. God knows all there is to know. We know very little. And it seems like we know very little more and more. God can be everywhere at once. We are always somewhere trying to get somewhere else.

But there's another difference. We can be surprised. God can't. I find myself appreciating this gift of God to me this morning. I like surprises. Well, most of them.

We enjoy manipulating surprises. The fake snake at the door step. The birthday candles that can't be blown out. The Lexus in the driveway (no wait...that's a false fantasy generated by commercialism). But you get the point.

One man in New Mexico tried to surprise his girlfriend by slipping an engagement ring in her milkshake. A few hours later, she finally saw her engagement ring on an x-ray. Supplies! I wonder if she'll trust him to feed her the wedding cake.

I just want to thank God today for letting us enjoy something that He is not privy to.
"Thank you, Father, for the gift of surprises and the people who bless us with good ones."

Full of Surprises,
Perry Crisp

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