Monday, April 28, 2008

The Eyes Have It

My eyes have something to say this morning. Since I have two eyes, you are welcome to read this in stereo. Here, now, are my eyes:

Good morning. It's nice to see you. We've asked for permission to speak to you because of what we just saw this morning in God's Word: "Your eyes will see the King in His beauty..." (Isaiah 33:17).

We can't tell you how excited we were to see those words. It was like God had written a promise directly to us! We were so overjoyed with the thought of seeing God in His beauty, we wanted to borrow some feet so we could dance. Instead, we borrowed some fingers so we could type the joy of this incredible news to you.

We've seen so much that is beautiful over the past 46 years. Beautiful people. Beautiful places. Beautiful things. We've even seen invisible beauty: acts of love, heroism, sacrifice, and tenderness. We've seen beauty that was so beautiful it touched us to tears.

We've seen beauty in the simple as well as the grand. We beheld the beauty of Hawaii and the Bahamas from a parasail's view. Yet found equal beauty in dogwood blooms along our driveway.

We've seen beauty in movies and read beautiful passages from books. But what we've read today tells us of something ahead that transcends beauty. We can't even imagine how beautiful the beauty of our King will be. We've seen earthly kings and how splendidly they are adorned. But God's beauty is on a different scale. The tapestry of earthly fabrics shaped by human fingers cannot compare to heaven's resources draped around the beauty of God and silhoutted by angelic hosts.

Reading Isaiah 33:17 was like seeing a personal invitation addressed to us. What a day that will be! Thanks for letting us share our good news. We hope your eyes feel the same way we do. We're going to see the King! We're going to see the King! We're going to see the King!

Visibly Yours,
Perry Crisp

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