Thursday, April 3, 2008

Got Power?

In the summer of 1928, a terrible drought gripped West Texas. In the little town of Peacock, the church prepared for revival.

But it was hard for anyone to concentrate on revival. Their thoughts were consumed by the desperate need for rain. It hadn't rained for four long months. The blazing sun over Texas scorched the ground day after day with relentless heat.

Drinking water had to be shipped into Peacock by railroad tank cars. Crops were destroyed. Cattle lay dead beside empty waterholes.

Four days into the revival services, a group of sincere, repentant people humbled themselves before God and began to cry out to God for rain. In less than 24 hours, the rain came crashing down with incredible force. A victory over the drought had been won through prayer.

Think about it: Drought...Prayer...Rain.

Now look around you. Do you see evidence of a drought? Is there a famine in our land? The one I see is worse than that of 1928.

There IS a famine in this land -- but not of water or bread. A spiritual dearth is all around us. Dry souls crackle and waste away. Lost souls hear no trumpets of salvation.

Yet...there is little concern, little alarm. It is hardly noticed. It is rarely mentioned. Tears do not fall. Cries do not escape from the lips of those desperate for God to send a flood of revival to this land that she may return to the God of her history.

Have we become Samson with a haircut? Have we forfeited the power of God for the pleasures and comforts of man? Instead of beating the drums of retreat or waving the white flag of surrender, shouldn't we sound the alarm for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ to fall powerfully before God in prayer?

Third graders are plotting against teachers, children are killing their parents, morality is now colored only in gray...

The slope we are on is steep and we, as a nation, have slipped. We are gaining speed and soon will be at the scene of our own horrific accident.

Let's not put together an investigation committee. Let's not expect congress to fix this. Let's not grab torches and go out into the night to find the monster who is demonizing our village. Let's fall to our knees in prayer, humility, and repentance.

Unless we do...we assist the monster. We aid our country's descent when we have access to the power of change, yet do not tap into it with every ounce of our faith.

Hear, believe, and apply the promise of Jesus:
"If you ask anything in My name, I will do it" (John 14:14).

Join the man of Acts 8:19 who said,
"Give me also this power!"

Sounding the Alarm,
Perry Crisp

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