Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Angel Dust Flying

From Flox News, this is an urgent update on a rather bizarre story developing just outside the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

An undisclosed source has discovered an intelligence report which confirms activity within the New Jerusalem compound. The source does not reveal how this information was retrieved, but all indications are that the information is accurate.

From the report, Flox News has learned that an Angelic Army of massive proportions has gathered at Heaven's gates. Many of these angel warriors were seen stretching their wings and limbering up. One observer reported a great deal of "high fives" were being exchanged by the angels.

One particular angel of note was carrying a trumpet and making his way to the front of the multitude of angels lined up at the gate. Flox News is not sure what exactly this all means, but nothing like this has ever been witnessed before.

Our source believes something significant is about to happen. He also speculates that it must be something good because he has never seen the faces of these angels beam so brightly.

We now return you to your regular devotional.

It could be happening right now. What would you do if you knew the end was coming in three days?

I suggest you do it.

Get Right or Get Left,
Perry Crisp

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