Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Parable of the Tool Shed

The First Hardwood Church of Carpenterville held a business meeting that had the sawdust flying. Here are the minutes from the business meeting:

The meeting was called to order by the moderator, Brother Claw Hammer. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Sister Blue Prints. There was no old business. There was no new business. Brother Hammer asked for a motion to adjourn.

Before anyone could make the motion, Brother Sledge Hammer stood up and grunted, "I think it's time we got a new moderator. Claw has no vision and his leadership is weak. It takes him ten licks on a nail that I could drive with one blow."

Brother Claw responded, "So you think YOU should be the moderator? You have no gentleness whatsoever. Everything you touch gets smashed to pieces."

"Well, at least we don't have to listen to that constant banging from Brother Sledge like we do when Brother Claw is tapping away incessantly," piped Brother Hand Saw.

"If you think constant banging is annoying, Brother Saw, you should hear your monotonous sliding back and forth," buzzed Brother Power Saw.

Sister Plane, hoping to smooth things out, said, "What if we let Brother Claw and Brother Sledge alternate as moderator?"

"Why does it have to be a Hammer?" asked Brother Screw Driver, "Haven't the Hammer's run this church long enough?"

"Well, nobody's going to follow a screwdriver, for crying out loud," said Sister Tape Measure, "We would all just be going in circles until we buried ourselves!"

"I think the obvious choice would be me," said Brother Ruler.

"If Brother Ruler becomes moderator, I'm leaving," said Sister Sand Paper, "He would wear me down to nothing with his perfectionistic legalism."

"At least I don't rub everyone the wrong way," answered Brother Ruler.

In the middle of all this discussion, Brother Latch was quietly lifted. The Carpenter of Nazareth opened the door unnoticed by the fussing tools. He donned His apron and walked right into the middle of the tools. When they saw Him, they all got quiet and bowed down, as if offering themselves to His hand.

The Carpenter went to the work bench, opened the original Blue Prints, and began working. He used Brother Saw, Sister Plane, Brother Ruler, and all the other tools. When He was finished, there stood two objects side by side: A cross and a pulpit.

The Carpenter laid the tools down, took off His apron, and left the shop. Each tool stared at the objects in silence. No motions. No moderators. No meetings. They KNEW what they were here to do. One by one, each prior statement was confessed, withdrawn, and forgiven.

The Great Carpenter has work for each one of us. Though we are all different, we all have a purpose. We should all work together to proclaim the sacrificial love of the Son of God to the world around us.

Colossians 3:12-13,
Perry Crisp

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