Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Set Free for Freedom

The 4th of July is a blank box on my calendar. No plans. Yet, even that is symbolic of Independence Day. Freedom means we can make our own plans. We can even make our own un-plans. I love the 4th of July!

What bothers me is the health of all that the 4th of July symbolizes in this country. Independence Day used to shine like chrome at a Barrett-Jackson auction. Maybe it's just me, but there's a dimness to this date that wasn't there before. Do you sense a slight absence of some of the majesty of it's former glory? Has a layer of neglect covered our nation's holiday of freedom?

Soldiers are on their way back home to this fertile soil of freedom having handed freedom to the citizens of another country at a great personal cost. Shouldn't there be more people at the airports welcoming THEM home than people at Never Never Land saying "good-bye" to a bizarre and deeply-troubled soul?

The story of substance in this country will be the men and women in fatigues laying down their duffel bags to hug their spouses, children, parents, and siblings. But that's not where the helicopters, cameras, and reporters will be. They will be focused on a lifeless being who used to dance and sing.

Freedom should be celebrated with gratitude for those who purchased it and defended it, and a commitment to keep freedom intact.

Have we yet realized how much freedom we've forfeited to people we know nothing about in Washington? People who've never fought FOR our nation's freedom continue to grab more and more freedom FROM us.

We let them take from us rather easily what has been purchased for us with great difficulty.

I'm proud to be an American and grateful to live in this great country. I am grieved by what I see happening to it. But my true permanent citizenship is in a country not found on any map or planet. Heaven is my home. God is my Father. Jesus is my Savior and Supplier of my eternal freedom.

The joy and hope of being a believer in Christ can be found in the security of our soul's freedom. It's an eternal joy and an un-iffy hope. The same One who purchased our spiritual freedom by His sacrificial death on the cross of Calvary came back to life to guarantee that our freedom remain untarnished and eternally secure against all enemies.

No one can snatch me (nor the freedom Christ purchased for me) out of my Father's hands.

The freedom purchased by Christ cannot erode, wane, dissolve, or be diluted in any way. It's a forever freedom that never needs polishing.

Because I am an American, freedom runs through my veins. But because I am a Christian, freedom goes deeper than my flesh. It's in my soul. As much as I love the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence, my passion for freedom runs deeper than the documents of man. I stand and stake my life and eternity on the Bible, which is the Word of God.

In fact, I don't think the tenets contained within the documents of American freedom would have ever been written without the truths found in the Word of God.

Arguments can be made back and forth as to whether we are or are not a "Christian nation." But one thing is undeniable. The content and character of these United States of America and her place in history would have never been what they've been apart from the truths of Christianity or the Christians who founded this nation.

It was that freedom of the soul purchased for them by the blood of Christ that drove them to forge a free land. A freedom so valuable they were willing to purchase it with their own blood.

Celebrating Independence Inside and Out,
Perry Crisp

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Anonymous said...

My name is Donna Copeland & I live in Palestine, Tx. I really enjoyed reading your Perryphrase. Joe Bane & Annabell Green are my neighbors across the street. Last night we were talking about our past pastors & Annabell asked me to try to find you on the computer so they would know where you were now. When I looked at directions for Lake Fork Baptist Church I seemed as if I had been there before. I think we attended a funeral for a friend on ours, Billy Brady, at your church several years ago. I tried calling the church office today but only got a recording. I am sure the office is closed for the holiday. I will give the information I have to Bane & Annabell so they will know where you are now. They had great things to say about you. Please let me know if you would like me to give them a message. Thank you and have a great 4th. Donna Copeland