Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Box Me In!

I used to think heaven had everything. But I'm certain now that it doesn't. Heaven doesn't have prison. Heaven doesn't have garbage or garbage cans. Heaven doesn't have traffic. Heaven doesn't have elections. Heaven doesn't have commercials.

And I'm really glad about this one -- Heaven doesn't have boxes. Life on earth is a never-ending box-management endeavor. The moment we are born, we are put in an acrylic box. Our loved ones take us home and put us in a box with wooden bars. From then on, it's boxes, boxes, boxes.

What's in the boxes? Mostly sentimental stuff. Stuff from the past that has a great deal of meaning to us, but no longer functions or contributes to anything. It just sits in a box as a memorial.

Life is a series of box decisions. What goes in what box? When do I get that box down and put this box up? Is this box-worthy or can I throw it away?

Eventually we have so many boxes, we have to rent or build bigger boxes called storage buildings to hold our boxes. We accumulate all these boxes, move them from place to place, and then when life on this planet is over, our loved ones throw away all our boxes and carry us off in one.

For the follower of Christ, that last box won't even matter. It will be the final sentimental collection of stuff that no longer functions or contributes to anything. But it won't be us. Long before my collection of bones, lifeless tissue, and whatever hair I have left is placed in that final box, I will be free to enjoy a boxless paradise for all eternity.

This place called earth is nice -- even with all the box issues. But this isn't my home. Heaven is my home. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you" (John 14:2).

When I think of the plight of those who reject a relationship with Jesus Christ, I feel terribly sad for them. Whether they realize it or not; whether they believe it or not; THIS is the closest thing to heaven they will ever experience. THIS is their heaven.

For them, the old beer commercial is right -- it doesn't get any better than this. Oh, but it could! If only they would believe in a Savior! A Savior who was born into a wooden box and buried in a mountain box -- but a Savior no box could contain!

Jesus didn't say, "I came to give you stuff and stuff more abundantly." He came to give us life...abundant life. He came to set us free.

Let this truth OUT of your INbox,
Perry Crisp

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