Monday, January 5, 2009

Not the Plumb You Eat

"The Lord said, 'Look, I am setting a plumb line among my people Israel; I will spare them no longer'" (Amos 7:8, NIV).

Tie a fishing line to a heavy weight and hold the line so that the weight dangles below. When the weight stops moving, the vertical line that the fishing line makes is a plumb line. Builders use plumb lines to build straight walls. Or at least - they should! A plumb line is a standard of straightness.

When God held a plumb line to Israel, He was showing them how He expected them to live. God wanted Israel to live true to His standards.

There is strong resistance to the idea of a standard these days. Have you noticed? People refuse to accept an absolute code of ethics by which all conduct is measured.

But there is a standard. Refusing to accept it doesn't make it go away. You can refuse to accept a parking ticket, but you're still going to hear from the judge.

God provided written standards long ago for all to obey when He carved the Ten Commandments into stone tablets. (Key word: Commandments. Not consultations. Not suggestions. Not recommendations. Not concessions. Commandments...everybody clear on that? Good.)

God has also provided a living standard in the person of Jesus Christ for all to imitate.

Despite popular opinion, right and wrong are not determined by popular opinion. Right and wrong are determined by God's plumb line.

So we have a choice. When God holds His plumb line up to us, we can either get plumb or prepare to get plumb out of the picture.

The best way to get plumb is to stand behind the cross. All sinners are set straight when they get behind the cross and surrender to the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, our Savior.

"Father, line us up with your standard today."

Hidden in Him,
Perry Crisp

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