Thursday, January 29, 2009

This is Getting Old

Which is more important? Living large or living long? Your answer may depend on which end of the lifespan continuum you are currently standing on.

The younger generations like to live large with no concern about living long. They drive fast, eat junk food, and treat their body like it comes from a disposable machine -- when one is used up, a fresh one pops in it's place.

The older generations just want to hang on and live long. They drive slow, eat only that which has no taste, and constantly take their bodies to the body shop for repairs.

As I get closer to 40...I mean, 50...I find that living long is taking on a new appeal. Don't get me wrong, I still like to live large, but with caution. I buckle my seatbelt a little tighter, wear my pants a little higher, and keep bran cereal on standby. I still live life on the edge as long as the edge isn't any higher than a street curb.

Folks older than me take on a new attitude somewhere after 50. They seem to think that living long IS living large. They see themselves as being on TOP of the hill, not over it. They brag about their age and take pride in being the last one standing.

Job asked some good questions, "Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?" (Job 12:12, NIV).

If age brings wisdom and long life brings understanding, then shouldn't the younger among us value and respect the thoughts and advice of the older?

Murphy's law seems to sprinkle a little dust on this topic. The wisdom we need to make the most important decisions of our lives won't enter our brains for at least another ten years when we're young.

Ah, but there's hope no matter how old or young you are. The Bible is the greatest source of wisdom anywhere in the world because it's Author has been around longer than anyone or anything. Seek His wisdom in His Word. He will see to it that you get the answers you need (even if it isn't the answers you want).

You'd be surprised how blessed you will be if you also seek wisdom from someone ahead of you in the calendar of life. Seek the counsel of older believers. Increase your wisdom by plugging into theirs. After all, they've survived and thrived without a lot of the stuff you and I can't seem to live without. Maybe we should find out how.

Wisdom and understanding can also be found in another resource...a four-letter word despised by most of us, especially the younger amongst us: WAIT. Sometimes, the greatest solution to a problem is to wait it out. Time can be a great teacher and a handy problem-solver.

You don't need an owl to tell you how many licks there are in the lollipop of life. Just ask the Ancient of Days and a brother or sister in Christ who has walked the trail ahead of you with joy...and learn to wait for the answers and solutions you seek.

Gotta's time for my Metamucil,
Perry Crisp

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