Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh Brother

Dad and I searched for quite a while before we found the tiny marker on my uncle's grave. Dad's brother died an infant and was buried near many of my ancestors. While at the cemetery, we wrote down names and dates of those who bore our name and lived before us.

Genealogy is a search for relatives of the past. Christianity is a search for relatives of the future. Let me explain. When you introduce people to Jesus and they accept Him as savior, they become children of our heavenly Father. They also become your siblings in Christ.

Once Andrew found Jesus, he went looking for his brother, Simon Peter. He wanted his brother to meet his savior. When Peter met Jesus, Andrew's brother became Andrew's brother on a whole new and eternal level.

I wanted the same thing for my brother. I was fifteen when I met Jesus. I began praying for my brother to find what I had found in Christ. Eight years later, I received a phone call. Through tears of joy, my brother told me that he gave his heart and life to Jesus.

My brother became my brother all over again in a new and incredible way.

God wants to do the same for your relationships. He wants you, but He also wants your whole family and the entire circle of your friends to know Him as your forever Father.


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