Thursday, March 25, 2010

Feelin Froggy?

A farmer loved to sleep with his window open so he could feel the gentle night breeze and hear the soft noises of the night creatures. However, the night noises were getting louder and louder due to an invasion of frogs at the farmer's pond fifty yards from his bedroom window.

The noise of the frogs continually got worse each night. The farmer was not able to sleep because of those amplified amphibians. So, one morning the farmer got in his truck and drove to a nearby restaurant owned by a friend. They had a little business meeting together, shook hands, and the farmer left with a smile.

He had convinced his friend in the restaurant business to add frog legs to the menu. The farmer guaranteed his buddy that he could supply him with a million frog legs. The restaurant owner didn't need that many frog legs, so they agreed on a few hundred.

A week later, the farmer returned to the restaurant with a bag of frogs. The restaurant owner met the farmer in the parking lot, excited to see the new additions to his menu. "Well," said the restaurant owner, "Let's see what we got!"

The farmer let out a deep sigh and had an odd, sheepish look on his face as he reached into the bag and pulled out two scrawny frogs. "I thought my pond was overflowing with frogs. They were driving me crazy. These two little frogs were making all that noise! I never woulda guessed that two scrawny frogs could sound like a million."

Oh, but they can! The voices of those who croak defeat into your ears are few, but loud! Everyone has one or two croakers who make it difficult to hear all the other voices of encouragement and victory.

Learn to hear the hundreds beyond the croaking of a couple. Don't allow a couple of scrawny frogs to ribbit your attention toward the negative things of life. Set your mind and rivet your ears to hear the higher, softer pitches of the goodness of God and His plans for you.

And please...don't be a scrawny croaker in anyone's life. In spite of the fairy tale, people really don't go around kissing frogs. But they do like to gig em.

"Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones" (Proverbs 16:24).

Not About to Croak,
Perry Crisp

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