Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take a Hike!

"This is a test of the Emergency Electronic System. This is only a test. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (inhale) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.
This has been a test of the Emergency Electronic System. Had this been an actual emergency, which is highly unlikely but we have to do them anyway to keep our stimulus money, you would have been asked to step away from your electronic devices and see the real world around you."

Wait. That's not a bad idea. Sometimes we can't see the road for the GPS. We can't hear the ikids for the ipod. We text someone else somewhere else instead of talk to those around us. I wonder where all of this is leading and what effect it will have on future generations.

What message does a plugged-in mom send to her toddler? Will the toddler have to text "More spaghetti, please" to get mom's attention? Is your handheld keeping your child's hand from being held? If our televisions get any more HD than they already are, will anyone ever drive or hike to a river or mountain? Has all this software made us soft?

I'm just asking. I'm certainly not king of the unplugged world. After all, I'm sending this to you through my email and blog. I'm aware of the pot and kettle thing. I confess my iguilt. Hang on. I just got a text.

Okay. Where was I? Drats! I haven't even finished this email and I've already blown it. Have you? Here's my point. Let's be intentional about this. Don't let all the devices of life distract you from living life. Put down the phone and pick up your child. Uncork your ears and listen to the birds. Replace the PS3 controller in your hand with an actual basketball or football and go outside with a family member. Get into your friend's actual space, not just MySpace. Talk to someone's face, not just their facebook. Hug more people than you nudge.

The electronics and social media outlets are fine and wonderful tools for helping you connect with family and friends miles away. Just don't neglect those who are inches away.

Had Jesus chosen this day and time to come to earth, how different might the Scriptures read? In Mark 14:37, Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, moments away from being arrested, beaten, and crucified. Jesus had asked Peter, James, and John to stay close by and pray. After Jesus prayed for a while, He turned to see His disciples asleep. He asked Simon Peter, "Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not watch one hour?" What if that had been today?

"Simon, are you tweeting? Could you not focus for just one hour?"


Perry Crisp

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