Monday, March 8, 2010


You didn't know. You had no idea. I want to thank you anyway. You might consider your example or your act of kindness minimal. You may not even remember it. But it was a piece of the puzzle. The fingers of God picked it up out of the box of my confused life and put it in place.

There were thousands of them along the way. Yours was equally important to all the rest. So, thank you. God used your witness, great or small, to reach me.

I was blind, but now I see. His light through you flickered in my darkness. My ears were closed to the truth of God's love and stuffed with the sounds of the world's lies. Your voice didn't scream. It didn't shout. Had it not been injected with God's power, I would have never heard what you said. But I did. You spoke. Now, I can hear Him. Because I once heard Him through you.

The knowledge of truth was hidden from my mind, like a convincing matrix manipulating my reality. You knew what I did not. Your knowledge was from another world...another reality. was from the truly real. My world was a world of deception, built upon smug lies and flimsy philosophies. A world of mistrust. You dropped a seed of truth into my thoughts that didn't fit in the mirage of my mind.

That seed grew.

Now I know.

Oh, what a penetrating knowledge. Life-changing. Soul-freeing. Hope-laden. Peace-providing.

My eyes see Him! My ears hear Him! My heart and mind know Him!

Thank you...
Perry Crisp

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